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Welcome Our Newest Member – Me

Welcome Our Newest Member – Me

You may have noticed more activity on our blog lately. This is because I was hired to keep the flow of articles coming in. It is a little weird to write about myself but I’ll give it a try.

My background is not related to writing. I have a master’s degree in product development from Tallinn University of Technology. In 2014, I started working as a mechanical engineer, designing machinery for pellet factories in the Baltics. After 3.5 years of doing that, I moved to the Netherlands. There I worked for a company that specializes in creating machinery for the cut flower industry.

The experience abroad enriched my views on mechanical engineering. I quickly realized how important the looks of machines can be in a competitive market. The small amount of weldments, hidden bolted connections, 3D printed parts being actually used (not only for prototyping) and thoughtfulness towards the assembly team caught my eye. A lot of it was achieved through the use of laser cutting.

Coming back, I wanted to contribute in a meaningful way towards promoting those principles. Fractory, for me, symbolizes the forward-thinking future focused on efficiency and quality. So I contacted them and was hired to spread the experiences of our team of mechanical engineers in this blog.

As mentioned, I haven’t really written much after my final exams in high school. Therefore, all constructive criticism is welcome. Feel free to suggest new topics and add or correct any points made in those writings. I’ll make sure to include your good ideas to make this blog an actually useful place for advice.

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