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Author: Guilherme Engler

  • What Is Rapid Prototyping?

    What Is Rapid Prototyping?

    Prototyping is an essential part of the product development process. Traditionally, it has meant long lead times and high costs or creating makeshift parts on the spot with little accuracy […]

  • Types of Fasteners

    Types of Fasteners

    Modern machinery is a marvel of engineering. Internal combustion engines of generators, for example, have controlled explosions taking place in the engine cylinders with rates up to 3600 rpm. That […]

  • Types of Gears

    Types of Gears

    Gears are rotating machine elements that transmit torque from one shaft to another via the teeth machined into them. Gears with similar tooth profiles mesh. This allows transmitting the power […]

  • Types of Bearings

    Types of Bearings

    From a small supermarket trolley to huge power plants, a great number of light-duty as well as industrial equipment could not function without the use of bearings in some form. […]

  • Limits & Fits

    Limits & Fits

    In engineering, a fit refers to the clearance between two mating parts. The choice of an engineering fit determines whether the two parts can move relative to each other in […]

  • Ultimate Tensile Strength

    Ultimate Tensile Strength

    Ultimate tensile strength (or just tensile strength for short) is an important property of materials to determine their mechanical performance. It is the ability of a material to resist tearing […]

  • Engineering Tolerances

    Engineering Tolerances

    In mechanical engineering, tolerances set the allowable deviation from assigned dimensions. The use of tolerances helps to ensure that the final product is readily usable, especially if it is a […]

  • Material Fatigue Strength

    Material Fatigue Strength

    When selecting a material for a particular application, it is important to consider the service conditions it will be subjected to. Choosing the material with the right properties ensures a […]

  • Engineering Drawing Basics Explained

    Engineering Drawing Basics Explained

    An engineering drawing is a subcategory of technical drawings. The purpose is to convey all the information necessary for manufacturing a product or a part. Engineering drawings use standardised language […]

  • Material Hardness – Types, Testing Methods & Units

    Material Hardness – Types, Testing Methods & Units

    Hardness is a material’s quality to withstand localised deformation. It may be especially important when looking for a suitable material for an environment that includes little particles that can induce […]

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