Engineering Consultation

Fractory is primarily focused on finding clients the best solution for manufacturing. Sometimes this includes helping out with the solution itself or with drawings. We have a team of engineers ready to help. Our engineers have extensive background in sheet metal design and fabrication to ensure the best possible solution for your need. Services include:
Concept Design
Our team is ready to help you with creating an initial design based on your idea. Working through different design possibilities to find the most feasible solution.
3D CAD Modelling
3D modeling is a perfect tool to convert the concept into a visual product. It also enables great accurate designs for production and simulation.
2D Production Drawings
Creating accurate production drawings is paramount to successful fabrication. We can help you with both correcting existing drawings and also providing them for our design work.
Simulation and Calculation
Make sure your product or parts are up to the task. Our engineers can use FEM analysis to ensure they can hold on to the exposed stresses.
Our team has designed everything from consumer products to industrial equipment. If you need help with ideas or solutions how to make your product more aesthetically pleasing, let us know.
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