About Us

The Solution

Fractory is a cloud manufacturing company connecting engineers to production capacity around the world through an automated platform.

The system encompasses CAD file processing, instant pricing, job distribution and aggregation, invoicing and even transportation – all the administrative work.

Fractory was founded in late 2017 and now has offices in the UK and Estonia. Since then, we have combined production capabilities in the UK, the Nordics and the Baltics to help engineers at SMEs and enterprises with anything from prototyping to serial manufacturing.

The Mission

We are a team of engineers who experienced the industry hurdles first-hand. Designers, engineers and procurement managers all face the same problems when looking for ways to outsource manufacturing – spending hours on sending out emails and calling to get a production price.

Our mission is to streamline the procurement process by eliminating all the unnecessary steps. Gathering data about production capabilities, manufacturing times, prices and feeding it to the system is what makes this possible.

Fractory aims to make more efficient use of the available machinery, filling the production gaps by distributing jobs according to manufacturer availability, lead time, expertise, capabilities, etc.

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