Our metal cutting services are available for a variety of materials. You can choose most of them (we are always adding more to the list) from the online platform’s drop-down menu.


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Here we bring out the most commonly used materials. If the one you are looking to cut does not appear on this list, please contact our sales engineers for more info. We are probably able to fulfill your request anyway.

All the materials for our metal cutting services are supplied by reputable sources. Necessary certificates can be obtained as per request. For more information about each group, please click on the hyperlinks in the respective section.

Carbon Steel

Structural steel construction

Of course, we provide cutting services for carbon steel. This is the most common metal in the construction and machinery industry. The material properties depend on the chemical composition. Each answer to a certain metal grade.

Using carbon steel is so popular because of its comparatively low cost. It has an excellent price-to-value ratio when the parts are used in a normal environment. With higher temperatures or otherwise corrosive environments, the metal tends to rust. A good surface coating can help but the efficiency does depend on the hostility of the environment.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel fork

So, if you are looking for an answer for more difficult conditions, here it is – stainless steel. It lasts longer and does not require a protective coating. Although, it can be implemented for an even longer lifetime.

Stainless steel is an excellent choice for high-temperature or marine environments, as both heat and salts speed up the process of corrosion. Also, when there is a danger for material wear that can result in damaged paint, stainless steel proves a good solution.

Stainless steel still oxidizes. The oxide layer acts as a protective coating, not letting the process continue further than the surface. Damaging this layer means little, as the material properties result in the regeneration of a new layer.

All these properties make stainless steel a little bit more expensive than carbon steel, though. Stainless steels can also have a great metallic appearance with a well-chosen surface finish.


Aluminium barrels on a pallet

Aluminum cutting needs special care. It has a lower melting temperature and may leave a burr even with laser cutting. Also, its reflective nature means that fiber lasers are better for cutting it.

The material itself has some stand-out qualities like corrosion resistance, good electric conductivity and lightweight. The properties depend on the exact material grade, as some are easily malleable, while others provide better strength and hardness.

The cost of material reflects its unique properties. Aluminum finds a lot of use in food processing equipment, aircraft and automotive structures, cooking utensils, marine applications, etc. Each utilizes some of the material properties to the advantage of the application.

Special Steel – Hardox, Strenx, Domex

We also offer services for cutting metals that are not so common, including Hardox, Strenx, etc. Not all such materials are listed in the automated quoting window, but we can still offer them in various thicknesses.

Bucket made from Hardox steel


Hardox is a wear-resistant steel. A great answer to conditions where heavy material wear occurs, Hardox solves the problem of having to change the parts too often.

The lower grades couple hardness with strength. This ensures endurance for heavy blows and means that Hardox plates can be used for heavy-duty machinery.

The higher grades are even harder but also more brittle. Therefore, using these as replaceable wear plates makes sense. Cutting and bending Hardox is a challenge for everybody but we have the necessary experience to provide a great result.


This is a special grade of high-strength steel for construction. What makes Strenx stand out, is its strength-to-weight ratio. A part with a similar weight from Strenx can bear a whole lot larger loads than regular steel.

We also provide cutting services for Strenx and have it available in many thicknesses. Ask our sales engineers for more information.


Domex is a good alternative to DC01. It has outstanding qualities for cold forming.

Bending tight angles without any damage to the material is possible. Also, the material tolerances are great and anticipating a good outcome is justified.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanised steel drainage

Galvanized steel comes in thickness up to 3 mm. These are all pre-galvanized, meaning that we can perform the cutting of the material without needing any surface treatment afterward. This helps to keep the total costs lower.

Galvanization provides good protection against the environment because of the thickness of the layer. Also, when damaged, it is zinc that is going to corrode instead of the base metal. Zinc oxide forms a new layer to cover the damaged patch.

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