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CNC milling is a subtractive manufacturing process that allows the production of highly complex parts that would not be possible to create out of sheet metal.

Fractory’s CNC milling services will ensure your growing needs never outpace your production capabilities. Our Project Engineers are ready to assist in planning and execution, making certain your projects are completed cost-efficiently and to high-quality standards.

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Why Order CNC Milled Parts From Fractory?

  • Scale your production without switching suppliers, we can handle single orders upwards of 2 million pounds.
  • Discuss your CNC milling project with Fractory’s engineers for cost-efficient solutions.
  • Fractory handles everything from quoting to delivery, including quality control.
  • A single point of contact simplifies project management, freeing up time for value-added activities.
  • Instant quotes and lead times for prototyping and low-volume orders.

What Is CNC Milling?

CNC milling is a subtractive fabrication method that uses computer numerical control systems to automate the process. This means that all the actions are performed automatically according to the CAD files uploaded to the CNC machine and human involvement is kept to a minimum.

CNC milling machines use rotary cutting tools to mechanically chip away the material to achieve the desired part design. Depending on the number of axes the CNC milling machine has, the more complicated the final CNC milled parts can be.

People often refer to CNC milling as CNC machining but in reality, machining entails both CNC turning and milling. However, modern milling centres are capable of combining both of these machining processes.

Learn more about CNC milling from our comprehensive guide on our engineering blog.

Online CNC Milling Quote

Ordering CNC milling online allows you to get instant quotes for prototyping and low-volume orders under £2000. There are no limitations to the minimum order size. Just upload your 3D part files onto the platform to receive an instant quote and lead time. After confirming, we take care of the manufacturing side of things, including quality control and delivery.

The process looks like this:

  • Go to Fractory’s platform.
  • Upload your 3D CAD files onto the platform. Supported formats include STP, SLDPRT and IPT.
  • Select your material and address for an instant price and lead time.
  • We will take care of the delivery, regardless of where you are in the UK.

If you have any questions turn to our engineers via email.

CNC Milling Process

The first step is creating the virtual representation of the final product in CAD software. Through CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software, the information is turned into a machine-readable G-code format. The code acts as instructions for the machine, directing every move it has to make to produce precision parts.

Although CNC machines do the cutting work automatically, other aspects of the process might need a machine operator’s hand. For example, fixing the workpiece to the worktable as well as attaching the milling tools to the spindle of the CNC mill.

Modern milling centres may also have live tooling possibilities. This significantly reduces production times by making different operations possible without the need for a change of tools.

CNC machining services by Fractory guarantee tight tolerances and high repeatability to create precision machined parts that are virtually identical every time, all this with rapid turnaround times.

Types of CNC Mills

Fractory’s large network of manufacturing partners guarantees access to a wide range of CNC milling capabilities, which should satisfy your high-precision machining needs in the most cost-effective way.

This means that even though there are 6-axis CNC mills available in our network, simpler parts don’t need to be created with these advanced machines. That just wouldn’t be economically feasible. Our algorithm takes all that into account when performing the design analysis on the part and calculating the prices.

Here’s a quick guide to explain what each added axis means in terms of milling operations and what kind of parts are produced on different CNC milling machines:

3-axis mill – The rotating tool can translate relative to the part on X, Y, and Z axes. The tool is fixed in a vertical or horizontal position, depending on the machine.

4-axis mill has all the axes mentioned above but now the table can also rotate around the X-axis. This allows to machine the sides of the workpiece without repositioning. It is worth mentioning that 4-axis mills are not that common.

5-axis mill – All that was true for 4-axis mills, applies for 5-axis ones as well. Only now the workpiece can also rotate around the Y-axis. 5-axis CNC milling machines can produce highly complex parts in one go, no extra setups are generally necessary.

6-axis mill – These CNC milling centres aren’t too common because of their hefty price tag but they can be up to 75% faster than 5-axis mills in certain cases. 6-axis mills have stationary worktables and the freedom of movement is allocated to the cutting head. As you can probably guess, it can move in X, Y, and Z directions and also rotate around all of them.

CNC Milling FAQ

Do you provide manufacturing consultation?

Yes, business customers can rely on expert advice from our seasoned manufacturing engineers to find the most suitable and cost-efficient solution to manufacture their parts.

What are the material requirements?

Fractory’s CNC machining service can process a wide range of materials. Among these are metals like steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, copper alloys, etc but also engineering plastics such as PE, POM, PP etc.

Milling for wood and other materials is not currently available on our online platform but we’re constantly looking to add more materials and manufacturing processes.

Can you provide material certificates?

Yes, we can! If you need material certificates, please add the request to the order notes.

Is there a minimum order size for CNC machined parts?

No, our CNC milling services accept both low-volume and large-batch orders.

Fractory is equipped to accommodate all of your manufacturing needs from rapid prototyping to high-volume production. We provide support through every stage of the manufacturing process to make sure all your expectations are met.

Do you deliver to my address?

Yes, we serve the whole UK, including all the major cities such as London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol among others. We also deliver to the whole EU.

Let us ease your workload! Order metal fabrication from Fractory and experience the benefits yourself: 1-1 engineering support, payment terms for companies, a single point of contact, competitive pricing, on-time deliveries and quality control.
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