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General Info

Established in: 2017


  • Manchester, UK;
  • Tallinn, Estonia;
  • Tartu, Estonia;
  • Turku, Finland

Employees: 70+

Why Are We Here?

About 50% of manufacturing equipment is sitting idle at any point. At the same time, customers do not know where to turn to for free capacity, competitive prices, etc.

Fractory partners with manufacturing companies, creating a streamlined metal fabrication service for engineering companies to scale production with a single point of contact.

All our partners undergo a strict vetting process including audits, test orders, proof of certifications, etc.

Fractory’s value-add comes from:

  • Collective buying power, meaning we leverage the collective spend of our customers with the suppliers to offer competitive prices
  • Support of experienced engineers as each business customer has a dedicated Project Engineer assigned to them to help with reaching the optimal solution, including DFC and DFM advice in the design stage
  • Having a Quality Assurance team that adds a layer of security for getting the goods up to your standards
  • Managing projects from quoting to delivery, we take care of the whole process
  • Finding the optimal solution within the network to meet your requirements, managing multiple suppliers for bigger and more complex projects
  • Active relationships with our suppliers whereby we know their real strengths with certain processes and materials, not just the machinery they have
  • Frame agreements for long-term contracts with fixed prices for the duration of the contract
  • Mitigating supply chain disruption risks via our deep network of partners (we worked just fine throughout Covid and recent material supply shocks)

At Your Service

Our international team includes more than 70 members divided between Engineering, Sales, Supply Chain, Quality Assurance, IT, and other teams.

Martin Vares

Martin Vares – CEO

One of the founding members of Fractory whose own experience in the manufacturing industry led to the inception of the company. Named in Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2020 for the achievements in Cloud Manufacturing.

Joosep Merelaht

Joosep Merelaht – Chief Business Development Officer


As a co-founder of our startup and a seasoned expert in economics, Joosep has a background in guiding multinational corporations towards achieving their business goals. This blend of entrepreneurial insight and experience has led Joosep to drive our company’s strategic growth.


Sales Team

Ashley Hickling

Ashley Hickling – Regional Sales Manager

Phone: +4478 1765 2678 Email

Ashley has more than a decade of sales and account management expertise with Stanley Black and Decker as well as Klaxon Signals. He is bringing his experience to the table to make sure all of Fractory’s customers get the attention and know-how they need from our Project Engineers.

Mark Kerwin

Mark Kerwin – Key Account Manager

Phone: +4475 9381 7902 Email

A mechanical engineer who likes to bring out his talents, whether he is helping corporate clients organise serial production or hobbyists fulfil their DIY projects.

Abdelrahman Eldokmak

Abdelrahman ElDokmak – Account Manager

Phone: +4475 9382 0548  Email

Abdelrahman is an MSc graduate from the University of Liverpool in Advanced Mechanical Engineering. He has previously honed his engineering skills as a mechanical engineer at an aviation company as well as Samsung. Abdelrahman joined us to put his passion for helping people to use by aiding you with your projects.

Jaafar Thabit

Jaafar Thabit – Account Manager

Phone: +4479 1560 7691  Email

Jaafar Thabit is a BSc Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Salford. Through working in industrial engineering, technical customer support, and sales, he has developed his skills and expertise. He aims to take advantage of his analytical skills and attention to detail, along with his enthusiasm, to best complete the project at hand.

Helen Gardner

Helen Gardner – New Business Development Manager


With over 15 years of experience in sales and business development, Helen has a natural talent for fostering new client connections. As a key player at Fractory, Helen is driving expansion through identifying new customers and generating revenue.

Paul Ojuederie

Paul Ojuederie – New Business Development Manager


Paul brings an 8-year track record in sales and new business development, excelling in acquiring new clients across various sectors in the UK and Europe. His degree in Counselling & Therapy provides a unique perspective, enabling him to grasp customer challenges effectively and collaborate on optimal solutions.

Connor McQue

Connor McQue – Sales Development Representative


With four years of experience in sales, Connor is dedicated to assisting customers with their needs and striving to understand how Fractory can simplify processes for them.

Ethan Rogers

Ethan Rogers – Lead Generation

Phone: +4475 1650 7213 Email

Ethan is our onboarding specialist, smoothing the transition from legacy workflows to online procurement processes. He is happy to explain everything about our system, capabilities, etc. Just ask him.


Ops Team

Margus Laanemets

Margus Laanemets – Global Operations Manager


Margus is a mechanical engineer with over 10 years of experience in the industrial sector. His extensive experience in managing various projects is useful for clients to find the most suitable solution in the form of production methods.

Connor Thompson

Connor Thompson – Project Engineer


Connor has 4 years of experience in the CNC industry before moving on to a sales role which he realised he had a passion for. Now he’s combining the two roles to provide you with support and assistance for your CNC projects.

Adam Kitson

Adam Kitson – Production Coordinator


Although well-versed in the world of metals, Adam differs from the bunch of mechanical engineers by having a degree in civil engineering instead. His insights into the construction sector have aided us in providing a better overall service for our customers.

Ed Russell

Ed Russell – Logistics Coordinator


Ed handles everything related to logistics. Our platform gives you a lead time and Ed makes sure that the parts actually arrive on time without any hiccups on the way.

Tanel Suurkivi

Tanel Suurkivi – Reclamation Engineer


Tanel, with a background in mechanical engineering, brings over 7 years of experience in the automotive sector, where his primary focus was on problem-solving and manufacturer process improvement. His prior experience enables him to swiftly address production issues and maintain efficiency.


Network Team

Villem Hion

Villem Hion – Global Supplier Network Manager

Phone: +4475 8841 8279 Email

Villem has been with Fractory for years in different roles, giving him an excellent overview of customer needs. He is now in charge of building the international supply chain network to maintain and increase the supply chain’s reliability and flexibility.

Lars Lind-Hansen

Lars Lind-Hansen – Regional Supplier Network Manager

+4478 9702 1573 Email

Lars is a time-served engineer with a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering. Lars worked for a large industrial pump manufacturer for 22 years in various roles, both customer-facing as well as production and supply chain roles. He also has experience within the bespoke automation industry. Following the arrival of his children, he spent 5 years running his own business designing and making furniture and homeware products.

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