About Us

Why Are We Here?

The manufacturing industry is fragmented resulting in a lot of inefficiency and waste.

Our mission is to guide manufacturing to become sustainable. And sustainability means more than green. We do this by continuously finding ways to improve efficiency, accessibility and quality for the sake of manufacturing, leaning on our three pillars of sustainability:

Environmental sustainability

  • Maximising the everyday use of available machinery
  • Using the right machine for the specific job
  • Reducing material waste by order aggregation
  • Keeping manufacturing close to the customer

Economic sustainability

  • Decreasing prices for customers by matching a supplier with the right skills
  • Increasing revenues for suppliers by forwarding jobs suitable for them
  • Saving alternative time for our clients and suppliers
  • Managing risk for all parties by taking responsibility for the process

Social sustainability

  • Working alongside universities to improve engineering education
  • Supporting non-profit engineering projects
  • Speaking in public to raise awareness about the sector
  • Working with manufacturing organisations to build an environment for growth

The Solution

A cloud manufacturing platform that connects engineering companies with the manufacturing market in real-time, allowing engineers and purchasing managers to make the switch from data collectors to decision-makers.

Using Fractory’s platform, engineers can access a wide range of manufacturing methods just by uploading their CAD files. Our algorithm chooses a manufacturing partner best suited for the job taking prices, location, required materials and manufacturing methods into account.

At Your Service

Fractory is truly a service from engineers to engineers. Our international team includes more than 80 members with half of them having a mechanical engineering background. The other half includes specialists in IT, finance and marketing.

martin vares

Martin Vares – CEO

One of the founding members of Fractory whose own experience in the manufacturing industry led to the inception of the company. Named in Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2020 for the achievements in Cloud Manufacturing.

Villem Hion, Uk country manager

Villem Hion – UK Country Manager

Phone: +4475 8841 8279 Email

Villem has extensive experience as an Operations & Production Manager. Using the industry know-how, he oversees the UK department. Deals with everything from new partner onboarding to standardisation of processes and quality management.

Mark Kerwin

Mark Kerwin – Lead Sales Engineer

Phone: +4475 9381 7902 Email

A mechanical engineer who likes to bring out his talents, whether he is helping corporate clients organise serial production or hobbyists fulfil their DIY projects.

Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison – Lead Sales Engineer

Phone: +4478 0393 8011  Email

Richard uses his technical expertise and extensive background in engineering and manufacturing to get to the core of your challenges quickly, delivering the right solution. He has a variety of expertise in design, sales, production and operational roles, meaning he’s already experienced your pain points first-hand. Richard also has the insight needed to understand people and projects as he has a wealth of experience from the world of human development, spending many years training leaders and teams.

Luke Jeffries

Luke Jefferies – Technical Sales Engineer

Phone: +4479 3575 6402 Email

An experienced account manager who has served in manufacturing and distribution sales and support. Specialist field is pneumatics, process control and industrial automation.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones – Technical Sales Engineer

Phone: +4475 1650 7142 Email

A technical support engineer with a background in the aerospace and railway transportation industries. Past experience as project engineer on method development, process improvement, machine/equipment acquisition and site improvements.

William Moore

Will Moore – Technical Sales Engineer

Phone: +4479 3575 6504 Email

William brings 13+ years of professional success in the manufacturing and engineering business. He is driven by a passion for engineering and helping people, which he combines in his role as an account manager, always looking to tailor solutions to your needs.

gioell rivera

Gioell Rivera – Technical Sales Engineer

Phone: + 4478 6880 7488 Email

Gioell is a driven engineer with previous experience in the laser fabricating industry. He is now looking to bring his knowledge and expertise from a legacy method of procurement to the revolutionary service that Fractory provides.

Hamza Evans

Hamza Evans – Technical Sales Engineer

Phone: +4479 1560 7611  Email

Hamza has experience in both the manufacturing and fabrication industries. Using cutting-edge technologies, he has provided services for the Aerospace, Industrial Gas Turbine, and Automotive markets, with a wide range of manufacturing capabilities. Furthermore, with an MSc Hons degree in Aerospace Engineering, Hamza offers technical analysis, research, and strategic planning skills.

Jaafar Thabit

Jaafar Thabit – Technical Sales Engineer

Phone: +4479 1560 7691  Email

Jaafar Thabit is a BSc Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Salford. Through working in industrial engineering, technical customer support, and sales, he has developed his skills and expertise. He aims to take advantage of his analytical skills and attention to detail, along with his enthusiasm, to best complete the project at hand.

Abdelrahman Eldokmak

Abdelrahman ElDokmak – Technical Sales Engineer

Phone: +4475 9382 0548  Email

Abdelrahman is an MSc graduate from the University of Liverpool in Advanced Mechanical Engineering. He has previously honed his engineering skills as a mechanical engineer at an aviation company as well as Samsung. Abdelrahman joined us to put his passion for helping people to use by aiding you with your projects.

Abdul Elgamil

Abdul Elgamil – Technical Sales Engineer

Phone: +4473 7725 8863  Email

Abdul has an MEng in Automotive Engineering, with experience as a customer-centric sales engineer. Abdul utilises his passion for the automotive industry to provide excellent service and aid with industry projects.

Johnny Ly

Johnny Ly – Lead CNC Sales Engineer

Phone: 075 1122 0473 Email

Johnny has experience programming CNC laser, plasma and tube cutters as well as machining centres. Besides that, he has moved around in the industry, working as a draughtsman, metrology engineer, project manager, etc. His experience as a metrology engineer in the medical sector is especially handy in his role as a CNC machining specialist at Fractory, as he knows exactly how to achieve even the tightest of tolerances.

Wesley Mould

Wesley Mould – CNC Sales Engineer

Phone: +4416 1250 7356 Email

Wesley has experience in numerous industries, having worked on projects from robotics to CNC engineering. He started working in the field at age 16, operating manual lathes and milling machines. This laid a strong foundation, later helping him combine engineering and business experience to grow the company he worked at.

Ethan Rogers

Ethan Rogers – Customer Success Manager

Phone: +4475 1650 7213 Email

Ethan is our onboarding specialist, smoothing the transition from legacy workflows to online procurement processes. He is happy to explain everything about our system, capabilities, etc. Just ask him.

Adam Kitson

Adam Kitson – Production Coordinator

Phone: +4475 5285 8322 Email

Although well-versed in the world of metals, Adam differs from the bunch of mechanical engineers by having a degree in civil engineering instead. His insights into the construction sector have aided us in providing better consultation for customers from that industry.

Luke Mason

Luke Mason – Lead Supply Chain Manager

Phone: 075 1122 2187 Email

Luke has operated as a laser and press brake operator, so knows the ins and outs of the production process. His objective is to make sure the manufacturing side of things goes smoothly by taking care of everything that needs attention during and after the production phase, including quality control.

Ed Russell

Ed Russell – Supply Chain Manager

Phone: 075 1650 5103 Email

Ed handles everything related to logistics. Our platform gives you a lead time and Ed makes sure that the parts actually arrive on time without any hiccups on the way.

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