Plasma Cutting Service

CNC plasma cutting is one of the most common technologies for metal cutting. Plasma cutting is ideal with thick parts where laser cutting cannot perform or is not economically feasible. The primary advantage of this technology is the fast cutting speed, especially when cutting parts without small holes.

Plasma Cutting

Fractory’s manufacturing partners use CNC machines with plasma torches. Plasma cutting technology enables us to cut metal with a thickness of 1…50 mm. Our plasma cutting service is in accordance with quality classification EN 9013.

Plasma cutting, like flame cutting, is suitable for cutting thick materials. Its advantage over the latter is the possibility to cut other metals and alloys that are not possible with flame cutting. Also, the speed is significantly faster than with flame cutting and there is no necessity for pre-heating the metal.

Our Capabilities

Cutting area
Cutting area Up to 3000 x 12000 mm
Maximum material thickness
Maximum material thickness
Plasma cutting Carbon steel 50 mm
Stainless steel 50 mm
Aluminium 40 mm

How to Order?

You can submit your CAD files here for quoting. If you want more information about the whole process, check out our tutorial for getting instant price quotes.

What is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is a process where a stream of ionised and superheated gas comes out through a nozzle. The ionisation takes place through the use of an electrical channel which creates an electrical arc. The ionised gas, or plasma, is directed onto the work piece that is being cut – e.g. mild steel. It is able to cut through metals, while the gas blows away the molten metal to get a clean result.

Higher electrical energy heats up the plasma arc. This gives the possibility of cutting through thick metal plates. It is possible to use plasma cutting for all conductive materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium and copper. While conductivity is the main requirement for plasma cutting, there is a danger of an unclean cut if the metal has a low melting point.

Advantages of Plasma Cutting

Lower cost – One of the big benefits is plasma cutting’s lower cost compared to other cutting methods. The lower price for the service derives from different aspects – operational costs and speed.

High speed – Plasma cutting service’s one of the main benefits is its quickness. This is especially evident with metal plates, while laser cutting is competitive when it comes to sheet cutting. The increased speed enables to produce larger quantities in a given time-frame, lessening the cost per part.

Low operational requirements – Another important factor to keep the service prices down. Plasma cutters use compressed air and electricity to operate. This means that there is no expensive equipment needed to accompany a plasma cutter.

Low heat input – Plasma cutters focus the outgoing plasma jet using a nozzle. This concentrates the energy into a small dot, meaning that the energy requirements are not that great to perform a cut.

Small heat-affected zone – The material properties and microstructure change in the HAZ. It can also cause material warping. Therefore, keeping the zone small is one of plasma cutting’s advantages.

Good quality – Plasma cutting provides good clean cuts, especially with small to medium size thicknesses (up to 30 mm), although its cutting kerf is larger compared to other methods.

Short preparation time – The prep time is kept to a minimum because there is no need for preheating the metal before cutting.

Versatility – This cutting method lets you cut through a stack of material or use it for bevelling, shape cutting, gouging and piercing. All these possibilities make it possible to fulfil many different needs with one operation.

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