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Examples of Project Manufacturing

Aluminium boat frame – cutting, bending & welding

Boat frame by Fractory

Belt conveyors – cutting & bending

Conveyor frame by Fractory

Football stadium stands – cutting, bending, welding & surface coating

Football stadium stands by Fractory

Housing frames – sheet & tube cutting, welding

House frames by Fractory

100 mm carbon steel plates – plasma cutting & sandblasting

Plasma cut sandblasted plates by Fractory

Instant pricing for prototyping and small-volume projects (up to £2k) on the platform. Expedited orders for short lead times.

Examples of Prototyping & Low-Volume

Hardox plate – CNC milling

machined hardox plate by fractory

Vehicle prototype – laser cutting, bending & surface coating

prototype vehicle by fractory

Aluminium part – CNC milled one-off prototype

machined prototype part by fractory

Hardox plates – low volume cutting

hardox plate cutting by Fractory

Meshed chimney – cutting, bending, welding

meshed chimney

Supply chain security through a network of more than 50 suppliers. All admin handled by Fractory.

Examples of Series Manufacturing

Forestry trailers – sheet & tube cutting, bending, welding, surface coating

Forestry trailer parts by Fractory

Precision gears – CNC milling for titanium and stainless steel

CNC machined parts cut by Fractory

Bike racks – tube cutting, bending, welding & surface coating

bike racks by Fractory

Series of parts – CNC turning

CNC parts by Fractory in series mfg

Tube cutting for regular series products

Tube cutting by Fractory series mfg

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