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Main reasons to become a manufacturer at Fractory:

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    Increase the ROI of your machines

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    Focus on manufacturing, we'll bring the customers

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    Save time with standardised processes

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Simple Process

  • Accept jobs

    You can accept or decline any job based on your capabilities, preferences and current availability right on the platform. Our algorithms price the jobs based on info from you – the partners.

  • Manufacture parts

    Next up is manufacturing. Download the models and drawings to start production. Learn how the manufacturers benefit from our partnership.

  • Pack and send

    And the last thing on the list is to click “ready”, so you can start packaging while our system orders the transportation

What You Get

  • CB339819-4B2D-4AAF-8E52-3B738430CB9F

    Focus on Manufacturing

    Leave marketing and sales to us and channel your focus on quality manufacturing.

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    Free of Charge

    Joining our network does not mean any extra costs for you. You can just accept anything when suitable for you.

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    Transportation by Fractory

    You won’t have to deal with logistics. Just click “ready” on the platform when done and our system sends pickup.

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    No Time Wasted

    Minimise the idle time of your machinery to maximise the ROI.

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    1 Point of Contact

    You get many customers with a single point of contact to make communication easier and standardised.

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    Production-Ready Files

    Our platform generates standardised drawings to accompany 3D models for production.

What We Ask

  • Group 13

    ISO Standards

    We are asking for an ISO 9001 standard to make sure you comply with the vision of a forward-thinking company.

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    NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement

    The files we share with you must not be shared with any 3rd parties.

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    Material Certification

    You must be able to show where you outsource your materials from and that they are of good quality to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

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    We have standardised the rules of packaging, so everything reaches our customers in good conditions, and ask you to follow these best practices.

Partner onboarding process

  • 10 MIN


    Fill our questionnaire so we can know you and your capabilities better.

  • 30 MIN


    Test RFQ to assess pricing compatibility.

  • 30 MIN

    Instructions Call

    Site visit / Video meeting to better understand your operational processes.

  • EDEBE65D-1631-4190-99E4-3F923ED6F2AC
    5 MIN

    NDA / SLA

    Signing the service level documentation.

  • 5 MIN

    Account created

    Your manufacturing account created on the platform. You are now ready to pick up work.

Become a Partner