Here you can find the answers to our most commonly asked questions

What is the minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity with Fractory. You can order one part if that is what you need.

Can I get pricing and submit orders 24/7?

Yes, of course. Sure!

What are maximum sheet dimensions?

For laser cutting max 2000x6000mm; plasma cutting max 2500x12000mm.

What is the range for thicknesses?

It really depends on the material type, but it ranges from 0.5mm – 80 mm. In case your desired thickness is not listed, please feel free to ask from our support directly.

What is the raw material quality?

Our manufacturing partners use only high-quality raw materials. All metallic raw materials are certified according to EN10204/3.1. If you need a material certificate, please add the request to the order notes.

What is the cutting quality?

We put high emphasis on ensuring the highest possible quality. All cutting is done in accordance to thermal cuts classification ISO 9013.

Material handling – scratches and surface condition

Metal sheets are high-quality and there might be marks on the material either from suction cups that lift the plates or fingerprints from manual handling. Some materials like brass, stainless steel, and copper come with plastic foil on one side, which can be removed after cutting items. Make sure to let us know if you have any special demands.

What should the file format be?

Our system handles DXF file format. Make sure the file contains only cutting lines. You can add a PDF drawing with tolerances and all other information you deem necessary for the manufacturing.

Faulty drawings. Double, hidden and disconnected lines

Although our system checks your drawings for errors, remember to verify that your drawings show only the lines that need to be cut. Delete all the unnecessary lines before the upload to save your time.

Will price per piece be cheaper on bigger quantities?

Yes, the bigger the quantity, the lower the price per one piece. Our manufacturing partners have specified their discounts on bigger orders in our system.

How is the price calculated?

You pay for cutting time + material. Our system picks the most suitable manufacturing partner depending on your order size, material and location.

Can I have bending in addition to laser cutting?

Yes, we do bending as well. Just upload a STP file of your bent part and we will provide an instant quote.

What is the lead time?

Specific lead time will be calculated for each order separately. Usually it is up to 7 working days for a four hour cutting job. In case you need it faster, make sure to add this in the notes.

Can I pick up the order myself?

Unfortunately orders can not be collected. We will ship your orders with DPD or DSV to your selected location.
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