Ordering & Quoting

How is the price calculated?

Cost & lead-time is calculated from the cutting time, material and logistics. Working from the current live market environment, our system picks the most suitable manufacturing partner depending on your requirements (order complexity, size, material, location, etc.).

What to keep in mind when making CAD design?

We only work with 2D drawings and 3D models, the platform can recognise and compute the cost of bends, holes, etc. while generating production drawings on its own.

The easiest way to get an instant quote is simply by using a 3D model in STP, SLPRT or IPT format. Our platform automatically performs manufacturability checks on your parts and will let you know if there are any improvements needed.

When submitting drawings in DXF format, please remember to ensure that the drawings show only the cutting contours. Delete all the unnecessary lines or dims before uploading, to save your time. See the CAD Design Tips section for more information.

You can add a PDF drawing with tolerances and all other information you deem necessary for the manufacturing.

What is the minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity with Fractory. You can order one part if that’s what is required.

Is Fractory just for prototyping?

We help with prototyping and one-off parts, we also offer series manufacturing over a multi-year period. Our sales engineers are happy to help with planning the execution of larger projects.

What are the lead times?

Lead times are displayed right on the platform. For flat laser profiling, it’s usually approx. 7 working days. Larger orders (over £2000) require manual quotations, ensuring the best offer upfront. Lead times will also be included in the offer.

Will the price per piece reduce on increased quantities?

Yes, increasing the quantity will lower the piece price. Example: 1 sheet being loaded onto the machine bed will cost approximately £10 in set-up fees. With multiple parts this setup fee for 10 parts from the same sheet would be distributed, resulting in £1 per part.

Our algorithm takes all of this and more into consideration. Allowing you the sight of quick comparisons to find the right quantities and materials for your budget.

Can I pick up the order myself / Am I able to visit the workshop?

Our model automates the process, including pickup and delivery. To ensure QoS and compliance, we include the delivery (at cost) and do not charge extra. Although we conduct inspections, we do not allow site visits. We’re here to streamline the whole process and avoid burdening our partners.

We currently do not accept “Free-Issue” orders, please speak with your account manager for further details. There’s significant value in our standards, volume and buying power and we pass this value on to our clients.

Can I get pricing and submit orders 24/7?

Our online platform provides you with the information you need, producing quotes at any time of the day. You are able to progress to an order at all times.


What material thicknesses do you have available?

You will see a drop-down menu (in the app) showing the available thicknesses for instant prices. If your required thickness is not on the list, do not hesitate to contact our sales engineers as we may still be able to offer it.

What are the maximum sheet dimensions?

The dimensions vary between cutting methods. See the service pages (e.g. laser cutting) for more info.

Can I have bending in addition to laser cutting?

Yes, we do bending as well. Just upload a 3D CAD file of your part for an instant quote. No drawings are necessary.

When using your DXF designs, you can add bending to your flat pattern profiles. Simply select “bending” and input the number of bends per piece.

Do you use CO2 or fibre laser cutters?

The model you provide will determine the technology we utilise in our quotation, with a view to production. We aim to offer cost-effective options for each individual job, whilst maintaining a high standard for manufacturing.

Do you work with anything besides metal?

Yes, CNC machining is also available for plastics such as Nylon, PE, POM, PP, etc. Cutting is limited to metals only but we are looking to broaden our material selection in the future.

How can I add welding to my parts?

You can add welding to your parts by touching base with your sales engineer to discuss your specific requirements.


Do we put the customer into contact with the specific manufacturing team?

Fractory is your sole point of contact throughout the whole process. Our team of seasoned mechanical engineers can help you with any questions or production planning.

How does Fractory create and add value?

Fractory makes use of the large network of partners by utilising the data received from all parties. Allowing us to take many factors into account – used materials, required processes, the delivery location, etc. optimising for cost and lead time.

Our pricing is competitive as we make full use of our large network of partners, relationships, expertise, buying power and knowledge to save time and energy all around. Ensuring you receive the keenest price & lead-times upfront. Directing your order to the most suitable manufacturer, preventing unnecessary costs.

Where do you manufacture?

Fractory uses a network of local manufacturers. This helps to ensure quality and control, minimising transportation costs and distances for a lower carbon footprint and avoid any disruption to supply chain security.

How is my information protected?

All of the files uploaded are safely encrypted, our manufacturing partners work under an NDA that explicitly states that no sharing is permitted.

Who deals with reclamations?

Reclamations are an unfortunate part of manufacturing. Should anything unexpected happen, we take ownership of the issues. Our supply chain team prioritises its management, following SOPs with empowerment.


How can I be sure the quality is guaranteed?

Everyone involved in the production of your parts is ISO 9001 accredited. Robust processes and SOPs are in place to ensure that your parts are produced to stringent specifications.

We have strict quality requirements in place for our partners and have several quality assurance specialists on our team who make sure to double-check the quality of parts before anything gets sent out.

What is the raw material quality?

Our manufacturing partners use high-quality raw materials only. All raw materials are certified according to EN10204/3.1. If you need a material certificate, please add the request to the order notes. For laser profiling we use strip-mill sheets, which are suitable for precision components.

What is the cutting quality?

We put high emphasis on ensuring the highest possible quality. All cutting is done in accordance with thermal cuts classification ISO 9013. Please ensure if you need deburring, that you request it.

Material handling – scratches and surface condition.

Metal sheets are high-quality strip-mill sheets. There may be marks on the material either from suction cups that lift the plates or fingerprints from manual handling. Some materials like brass, stainless steel, and copper come with plastic foil on one side, which can be removed after cutting items. Make sure to let us know if you have any special requirements.


How much time do I have before I have to pay for the order / Can I have individual payment terms?

Your order will be put to work after we receive the payment. Any business can apply for personalised payment terms after creating a company account on the platform. You can then use Kriya for Buy Now Pay Later, more info on that below in the Buy Now Pay Later section.

Can I get the invoice sent to our e-invoice system?

You can make your own changes to your company account on the platform. It’s simple to amend the invoice recipient’s contact details and the recipient of the goods. Your designated sales engineer can always help.

I didn’t get an automated price, what now?

The part(s) didn’t pass the manufacturability check, the quantity was too large, exotic material. Please submit your parts for a manual quotation on the platform. If any further questions arise, your dedicated sales engineer will assist you.

Who to contact for changes, deliveries and updates?

Each user gets assigned a dedicated sales engineer who can help you with all questions regarding the platform, your quote or your order. We also have a “chat box” on the website, all your requests are directed appropriately to the correct people.

Where can I find my order tracking number?

Once the package has been shipped, you will receive the tracking number in an auto-generated email to the same email address that was used to place the order. To receive a live tracking update, please send an email out to supply@fractory.com.

NB Note that tracking numbers are provided only for parcel packaging and not pallets.

I have a newer/updated version of my model, can I update my model on the platform? I already accepted the quote & have paid for the order.

Providing you have informed us before the order has been programmed, it’s likely we will be able to fix the situation. Depending on the stage of manufacture, we’ll work with you to solve any issues.

Buy Now Pay Later with Kriya

Why are we offering Kriya Payments?

We are partnering with the best finance providers to give you more flexible credit options when paying for their services and more time to pay. Kriya Payments is an innovative way to help you pay from Kriya.

How does Kriya Payments work?

When you use Kriya Payments at checkout, you can choose to pay in 30 days or at the end of the following month, at no extra charge. We’ll confirm your payment choice with you via email, along with your agreed payment plan and our account details. We’ll remind you when it’s time to pay and you can organise via bank transfer.

Will this affect my credit score?

Before you can start paying later with Kriya Payments, we’ll perform a soft credit search on your business to check if you’re eligible. These kinds of searches have no impact at all on your credit score. If you pass this, Kriya Payments will be activated on your account. The first time you choose to pay with Kriya Payments at checkout, a hard search will be made (this will only happen on the first purchase). The search will appear on your credit report. Multiple hard searches in a short period of time may affect your credit score.

Who is Kriya?

Kriya is a leading UK FinTech and embedded finance platform for businesses that has been operating for 11 years. They deliver flexible finance solutions to solve the cash flow issues that get in the way of progress and have processed over £20bn in payments for UK businesses. Kriya Payments is their embedded credit product that lets businesses pay later online at checkout.

What does it cost?

There are no extra fees if you pay with Kriya Payments, as long as you settle your invoice when it’s due based on your selected payment terms.

Can I increase my limit?

If you enjoy paying with Kriya Payments but want access to a higher limit then sometimes we’re able to increase it. Making sure you successfully repay invoices on time can increase the likelihood of this. We would need a minimum of either 1 successful repayment + Open Banking connection or 3 successful repayments to consider any limit increase requests.

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