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Laser Cutting Service UK Fractory



Cutting area up to 125 x 790 inches. Maximum material thickness: carbon steel <1", stainless steel <1.2", aluminum <1.2".
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Plasma Cutting UK Fractory



Cutting area up to 200 x 1000 inches. Plasma cutting maximum thickness: carbon steel 2", stainless steel 2".
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Flame cutting metal



Cutting area up to 120 x 470 inches. Flame cutting maximum thickness: carbon steel 6".
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Water Jet Cutting UK Fractory



Cutting area up to 120 x 240 inches. Waterjet cutting maximum thickness: Any metal up to 12 inches.
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Tube Cutting UK Fractory



Laser sources up to 3.6 kW. Maximum tube length up to 235 inches with automatic loading. Diagonal of profile up to 30 inches.
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CNC machining services



CNC milling: Maximum dimensions: 450 x 60 x 100 inches. CNC turning: Max diameter: 37". Max length: 152".
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Metal Bending in the UK



Up to 1000 tons bending capacity. Maximum bending length: up to 280 inches.
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Surface Treatment UK Fractory



Metal surface treatment allows to give a desired appearance to the product. Additional surface treatment also lengthens the lifetime of metal.
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Online Metal Fabrication

Fractory offers metal fabrication services online. We have a wide range of manufacturing partners who provide high-quality services for laser cutting, metal bending, CNC machining, etc. Just upload your CAD files to the platform to get an instant price! Our algorithm chooses a partnering supplier suitable for the job, considering availability, location and capabilities. We provide a full service from quoting to delivery. Fractory takes responsibility for each step of the process. The manufacturing is done according to ISO standards. All raw materials are certified according to standards.

50+ manufacturers
24k+ users
2.5M+ parts

Custom Parts

Instant Pricing & Lead Time

Uploading your CAD files gives an instant quote and lead time. The price is final.

US-Wide Delivery in 13 Days

All you have to do is select your address. We organize transportation, so you can keep the focus on designing great products.

Custom Metalworks

We can help you with all kinds of projects, from one-off custom designs to series manufacturing. Our sales engineers have years of expertise in the manufacturing sector. Our customers include companies from different industries, including machine building, automotive, marine and forestry.

Manufacturing Partners

All of our manufacturing partners are pre-vetted by us, ensuring great quality. The packaging is also standardized to keep your parts safe during delivery.

Quality Assurance

We take full responsibility for the final quality of your parts. We are constantly monitoring our partners' finished products to provide a reliable service with low costs and reasonable lead times.

Range of Services

Fractory offers all the services listed above. These include laser cutting, plasma cutting, metal bending, surface treatment, CNC machining and other manufacturing methods.

Steel Fabrications and More

Our main expertise lies in metal fabrication. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys, etc. are all available for selection on the platform. If you are looking for a material that is not in the drop-down menu, please send us an email. We can still probably help you.

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Owen Evans
Very happy with the service we've received! Ordering couldn't be simpler and the turnaround and prices are excellent too.
Owen Evans Furnace Design
Ewan Gimson
Fractory has been invaluable for us in speeding up the process of quoting and delivery. We can provide clients with fast and accurate prices. The quality of the finished items is great!
Ewan Gimson Gimson Robotics
Nigel Jenkins
The website is intuitive and easy to use, enabling informed design changes based on price. Also, it's great for estimating the costs of scaling up production.
Nigel Jenkins Nebulus Design
Tõnis Kaukvere
We have minimised the need for back and forth e-mails. Ordering is quick and saves us time. The whole process is dynamic and effective. In business terms, time is money.
Tõnis Kaukvere Innore
Riho Haugas
We use the online sheet metal fabrication service mostly because of short lead times. In addition, you have managed to manufacture parts that others couldn't.
Riho Haugas Meiren Engineering
Let us ease your workload! Online sheet metal fabrication gives you an instant price. Order your parts from a network of certified manufacturers. No user fees.
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