Bending calculator


Select material thickness


          Air bending

          Bending guides

          Standard selection of V-opening

          Bending inner radius from V-die opening

          Pressbrake bending lengths & tonnages

          The table shows the average capacity (max force, t) for different pressbrake sizes (bending line, m). E.g. a 3-metre pressbrake can usually exert 100-200 tons of force which makes it suitable for 20 mm steel with a bending line of 1.5 m (check the calculator on the left).

          General bending force formula

          c – constant from formula 2
          Rm – material tensile strength (N/mm2 )
          V – V-width of bottom die (mm)
          L – bending length (m)
          t – sheet thickness (mm)

          Required tonnage

          Bending basics

          General bending profiles, ISO 2768

          Hemming tonnage mild steel

          Minimum distance between 2 bends

          Minimum distance between 2 bends

          Hole distance from bend

          Pressbrake overview

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