Tube laser allows you to cut different profiles of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper or brass with greater flexibility. Profiles can be round, square, oval, rectangular or even L-profile and H-beam. Tube exterior diameter or diagonal should be between 12 mm and 330 mm.

Tube Laser

The advantages of tube laser compared to mechanical processes, such as sawing or drilling, are greater productivity and production flexibility. Tube laser cutting ensures faster production and higher precision.

Laser sources Up to 3.6 kW
Maximum tube length
Maximum tube length Up to 12,5 m with automatic loading
Diagonal of tube
Diagonal of tube Ø 12 – 330 mm
Rectangular 254x254 mm
Maximum material thickness
Maximum material thickness
Carbon steel 8 mm
Stainless steel, aluminium 4 mm
Copper 3 mm
Brass 5 mm
Positioning accuracy Pa:+/- 0.2 mm
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