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5 Steps for Faster Laser Cutting Lead Times

5 Steps for Faster Laser Cutting Lead Times

Well composed request for quote (RFQ) is the basis of a fast and high-quality manufacturing. Here are 5 things you can utilise today to ease the ordering process that are applicable to any manufacturing outsourcing project.

1. Research Suppliers’ Capabilities

You’re often required to send out multiple price inquiries to find a competitive laser cutting price. Research supplier’s website on what they can offer before sending your query. You’ll save time on endless price requests and keep your inbox clutter-free. Knowing suppliers’ capabilities will also increase the chance of them finding a solution to your needs and you’ll receive your order faster.

2. Compose a Proper Inquiry

While forming your price inquiry, make sure to fill in all the necessary information clearly. Incomplete information leads to constant back and forth emails, prolonging price confirmation and final delivery. A proper inquiry should include material, quantity, desired lead time, delivery address, production ready drawings and any specific production needs. We recommend sending the information as a table, for example:

Drawing Material Quantity Extra requirements
File1_AISI304_2mm_40pcs.dxf AISI 304 40 Deburring
File2_AW1050_4mm_120pcs.dxf AW 1050 120 Bending


3. Make Sure Your Drawings Are Ready to be Cut

Fixing your drawings is one of the most crucial steps you can take to smoothen the ordering process. We have written about how a manufacturing drawing should be formatted. Best file format for laser cutting is a .dxf file, because it can be opened and edited by any industry software. Fastest and easiest way to save a 3D drawing is to export a .dxf file straight from the surface of the 3D model.

Having to clean up the file can add hours to the final confirmation.

4. Send Out Multiple Inquiries

Manufacturing industry is in continuous development and prices fluctuate. When you’ve taken all the previous steps, you can go ahead and ask price offers from multiple suppliers at once. With a correct and clean inquiry for laser cutting, suppliers will take it much easier if you still decide to go with another offer.

5. Use Fractory’s Automatic Quoting

Fractory makes all the previous steps even easier. Fractory has a large database of suppliers’ capabilities all across Europe. The platform will gather all the necessary information for a clear and complete laser cutting quote. With one entry, the algorithm can calculate the best offer for your query, based on all of our manufacturing partners’ facilities.

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