Surface Treatment

Metal surface treatment gives your products the look you want. Besides the aesthetical side, an extra layer protects the material from the surrounding environment. This has a considerable impact on the lifetime of your parts.

Surface treatment pricing depends on the surface area, coating selection and material thickness, in some cases. The thickness relates to heating and cooling temperatures, which determine the time necessary to undergo the process.

Our platform gives an instant price for powder coating. Other surface treatment methods need a manual quote from our sales engineers.

Fractory’s network of pre-vetted manufacturing partners is able to cater to your needs, providing different options for surface treatment.

It is possible to treat a variety of metals, from small individual parts to large assemblies. We provide the service for different types of metals, taking the specifics into account.

We offer the following surface treatment methods.

Powder Coating

Powder coating gives a wide range of possibilities for the final outcome. The process uses dry powder, applying it to the parts using electrostatic forces.

Heat treating the parts later makes sure the coating sticks to the material. Powder coating gives a nice final look, protecting the metal from corrosion and the environment.

You can select the desired color on our platform for instant pricing. Just choose the right RAL type and level of gloss. This way, you can also compare the costs for different finishes.


Thermal cutting methods may leave a burr to your metal parts. Laser cutting services are the best way to minimize this effect but when turning to others, like plasma or flame cutting, a burr is pretty much inevitable.

Therefore, we would advise turning to deburring to smooth the rough edges. There are a variety of methods for doing that, depending on the part size. For example, parts may be put on a conveyor belt that takes them through a deburring machine, that brushes off the sharp edges.

Wet Painting

The most traditional way of painting your parts. Applying wet paint may not be as accurate or efficient as powder coating, but it has its own place.

Namely, not all materials are suitable for heating in the powder coating process. Also, wet painting has more variety in terms of colors and results in a thicker coating. Thus, the final result lasts for longer in circumstances where powder coating may fail.

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