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Aluminium Cutting Service

E518ABD3-8B9D-4C35-A66F-79A7DB8E300BCreated with sketchtool.

Aluminium Thickness

Up to 30 mm for laser cutting

5DF29F56-4C3D-4DB4-892A-B30E7F101717Created with sketchtool.

Cutting area

Up to 3200 x 20 000 mm

Aluminium laser cutting requires the right equipment and expertise because of its reflective nature. Aluminium also tends to leave a burr. It can either be removed mechanically or avoided altogether with a precise laser cutter setup.

Higher aluminium grades have more alloying elements which make a clean cut easier to achieve.

We use high-power fibre laser cutters to reach the optimal result. For higher thicknesses (above 20 mm), we advise to go with waterjet cutting because the long exposure to high temperatures with laser cutting can have an effect on the final product quality.

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