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Upload Your CNC Models for Quoting

Upload Your CNC Models for Quoting

We are always striving for a better user experience with more automation. So we have changed a few things for the better.

CNC Machining

Upload CNC Files
Upload CNC Files

You can now upload STP files straight to the platform for CNC machining. No more sending emails.

This is meant to simplify the ordering process and making it platform-based. Although we are not yet ready to offer automatic quotes for CNC machining, we are taking the first steps towards it.

Here is what you can expect regarding the newest update.

material selection for cnc

First, you can see all the available materials in the drop-down menu. And this is the first service that also supports plastics.

cnc surface roughness

Secondly, you can select the appropriate surface roughness. This includes a few options and one for selecting a production drawing, should you have specific demands for some places only (e.g. bearing support has a Ra 3.2).

cnc tolerances

Lastly, it is possible to select the general tolerances. If you are not sure what each tolerance means, click on the question mark next to the tolerance box and the table above will pop up. Adding a production drawing is also a possibility here if the tolerances are not uniform across the whole part.

Choosing the Manufacturing Method

Another feature we added is the ability to choose the manufacturing method. At this point, the selection includes laser cutting, tube cutting and CNC machining.

cnc machined plate
This plate could be laser cut or machined

The reason for including this possibility is that some parts may be produced by both machining and laser cutting. Our system will pick the most suitable one which may not align with your preferences. For example, you need higher precision and are looking to machine it. So you can change our suggested method to match your need.

In the future, this tab in the upper right corner will play a bigger role when you can choose between laser, plasma and flame cutting for a 20 mm thick steel plate. The choice of method depends largely on your demands for quality and price, so we will put you in charge.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, send them our way! After all, the platform is here to make your life easier.

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