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  • Types of Couplings

    Types of Couplings

    A shaft coupling is one of the most common machine elements because it is just so important in power transmission systems. Thus, they find use in a variety of applications […]

  • Types of Machine Elements

    Types of Machine Elements

    Mechanical engineering has become extremely complex with time. An average car today has about 30,000 machine elements when we count each one down to the smallest screw. These machine elements […]

  • Types of Fasteners

    Types of Fasteners

    Modern machinery is a marvel of engineering. Internal combustion engines of generators, for example, have controlled explosions taking place in the engine cylinders with rates up to 3600 rpm. That […]

  • Types of Gears

    Types of Gears

    Gears are rotating machine elements that transmit torque from one shaft to another via the teeth machined into them. Gears with similar tooth profiles mesh. This allows transmitting the power […]

  • Types of Bearings

    Types of Bearings

    From a small supermarket trolley to huge power plants, a great number of light-duty, as well as industrial equipment, could not function without the use of bearings in some form. […]

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