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  • Parallelism (GD&T) Explained

    Parallelism (GD&T) Explained

    ASME Y14.5-2009 divides tolerances in GD&T into 14 different types. Each tolerance controls the characteristics of features to guarantee near-perfect fabrication and assembly of machine components. These 14 tolerances are […]

  • Design for Sustainability

    Design for Sustainability

    Design for Sustainability is an offset of the Design for X (Design for Excellence) philosophy. DFX encompasses a wide range of methodologies to improve product design and manufacturing processes. The […]

  • Symmetry (GD&T) Explained

    Symmetry (GD&T) Explained

    The 2009 edition of ASME Section Y14.5 defines 14 geometric tolerances in GD&T. The manufacturing industry uses these tolerances to convey manufacturing intent from the designers to the manufacturers. GD&T […]

  • Fractory Now Offers Welding

    Fractory Now Offers Welding

    We are glad to announce that Fractory now offers welding as a service (click the link for more precise info). Our capabilities include MIG/MAG, TIG, spot and robot welding as […]

  • Belt Drives & Types of Belts

    Belt Drives & Types of Belts

    A belt drive is one of the most popular types of power transmission methods besides gears, chain drives, shaft couplings and lead screws. The use of these highly efficient mechanical […]

  • Price SolidWorks and Solid Edge Files

    Price SolidWorks and Solid Edge Files

    The day has finally arrived – the platform is able to quote CAD files native to SolidWorks and Solid Edge. New supported formats: .sldprt for SolidWorks .par (regular part file) […]

  • Lead Screws Explained

    Lead Screws Explained

    A lead screw is a type of mechanical power transmission used in machines for high-precision actuation. It converts rotational motion into linear motion. Other names for a lead screw (or […]

  • New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

    New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

    Another year has passed, making room for 2022. As usual, this means it’s time for us to reflect on the past year and bring out some of the things we […]

  • Concentricity (GD&T) Explained

    Concentricity (GD&T) Explained

    ASME Y14.5-2009 outlines 14 different types of geometric tolerances. Each of those tolerances specifies a type of control over various part features. For ease of understanding, these 14 types can […]

  • Chain Drives & Types of Chains

    Chain Drives & Types of Chains

    Chain drives are most commonly used to transmit power between two components that are at a greater distance, but they may also be used for short distances. They are one […]

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