Start Saving Your Quotes & Reusing Past Orders

Start Saving Your Quotes & Reusing Past Orders

A lot of you have asked for this option and our development team has delivered.

You can now save your quotes, create multiple ones at the same time and reuse old orders as the basis for new requests.

Save Your Quote

Save manufacturing quote online

The first option is to save your quote. This means that the price on display will be fixed for a certain time period. This period is 30 days.

So even if we implement some changes to our pricing algorithm in the meantime and you come back on day 28, you will be able to finish the order with the initial price.

Saved quote Fractory

The saved quotes can be found on the “My Quotes” tab.

Unfinished Quote

Unfinished quote on Fractory platform

We are also saving all in-process quotes automatically now. Therefore, it is possible to have many different ordering processes at the same time.

Those quotes are also available in the “My Quotes” menu.

The difference between saving a quote and unfinished quote? Unfinished quote does not have a set price. So this is something you are still working on at the moment.

If you open an old unfinished quote flow, the laser cutting price may change if there have been any updates to the pricing algorithms.

Copy Quote

Copying a quote on Fractory platform

Lastly, there is another important function we have added.

You can copy old orders for reusing them. As copying a previous order makes it interactive, you can also add or delete items.

This also means that it will be priced again.

The copying function also works for saved quotes.

Hopefully all those new changes make your life a little bit easier. If you have any other suggestions regarding our platform, feel free to let us know!

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