Instant Bending Prices Online

Instant Bending Prices Online

Finally the day has arrived! Automated quotes for our metal bending service are now live. All you have to do is upload a .STEP file of your sheet metal part and you’ll receive an instant price.

Fractory’s goal is to diminish wasting engineers’ time spent on procurement processes. We have now eliminated the need for making drawings AND waiting for quotes.

Our clients have been hoping for this function and Fractory’s developers have been hard at work. After spending months on building the proprietary algorithms, we can present you with the new functionality on our platform.

How to get a bending price?

Bending Quote Online
Bending Quote Online

After you upload a .STEP file, our system first detects the metal thickness. So all you have to do is choose the right material for the application and the needed quantity.

Secondly, it recognises if the part has bends or not. In case it doesn’t, it just gives you the price for a cutting job. So drawings are not necessary for either process.

If the sheet has bends, like most engineering parts do, our platform identifies them. Fractory’s system performs the unbending to generate a flat pattern. Thus, we can give you a quote on both cutting and bending at the same time.

If you are not sure about the capabilities of different press brake tooling, ask our engineers for advice. They can tell you if something can be produced or not.

Why now?

So, two more resolutions for 2019 have been fulfilled – we can quote STP files and bending. It took us quite a while to get here but it has always been a goal of ours.

First we had to make sure that the cutting prices are actually accurate. Giving rough prices for each production step ends with a skewed final cost. The cutting process was now precise, so it was time to move to the next target.

We hired Kaur to work on the STP quoting. He led the team on the instant quoting for bending frontier. The developers managed to solve the problem and package it in a way that is ready for use.

The moment has arrived – start saving your time!

Let us ease your workload! Order metal fabrication from Fractory and experience the benefits yourself: 1-1 engineering support, payment terms for companies, a single point of contact, competitive pricing, on-time deliveries and quality control.
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