Fractory Now Offers Welding

Fractory Now Offers Welding

We are glad to announce that Fractory now offers welding as a service (click the link for more precise info).

Our capabilities include MIG/MAG, TIG, spot and robot welding as well as soldering and brazing.

The maximum material thicknesses are:

  • 20 mm for carbon steel
  • 20 mm for stainless steel
  • 20 mm for aluminium
  • 15 mm for copper alloys

The reason for adding welding to our services is simple – you are turning to us more than ever with large-scale fabrication projects and series manufacturing. And welding is more often than not one of the necessary processes.

Welding requires trustworthy partners and expertise. We have had that in mind when growing our network of partners (over 50 UK-based manufacturing partners as of today).

We have worked with them on projects that need welding and are now confident that we can broaden our scope to include all the necessary processes for a full service.

Our value proposition in this case, as welding is not yet automated on the platform, comes in the form of efficient project management. Our engineers know where to turn to in order to get quality manufacturing for every type of process and material combination while being in sync with market costs. This can reduce your time spent on admin tasks and help you focus on creating better products.

Thus, should you have any series manufacturing or large-scale fabrication projects coming up, send your RFQ to and our seasoned engineers will come back with a quote.

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